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Internet Audience May 2014

  • The data about Internet users from pc and mobile in May 2014 are available

Unique users connected to the Internet at least once in the month of May 2014 are 28,2 million with an average time of browsing of 39 hours and 25 minutes per person. If we analyze the data by the average day, we can see that the total audience amounts to 20,4 million users, connected for  1 hour and 45 minutes.

As for the audience from mobile devices during the period of May 2014, we can see that there are 17 million unique users connected to the Internet,from the age group which goes from 18 to 74 years, with an average time of 38 hours and 21 minutes per person. The users connected by smartphone of tablet on the average day are 14,9 million with an average browsing time of 1 hour and 25 minutes per person.

59% of the total time spent online during the month of May 2014 was generated by an Internet surfing from mobile and it is compared to the 41% of the time spent from the use of PC: this data shows the importance that users give to smartphone and tablets in their life and the time they devote to these devices. More than the half of the time spent by users in browsing the mobile is devoted to mobile apps (51%).

If we make a distinction based on gender, the analysis shows that, on the average day, men online are 11,3 million and women online are 9 million and, with 1 hour and 31 minutes, they spend more time online from mobile devices than men. The age group more connected from mobile devices on the average day is the one which goes from 18 to 24 years and it represents the 60% of the users (2,6 million), followed by the age group which goes from 25 to 34 years (59% from mobile).

The brand that collects the largest total audience (represented by the audience of pc and the audience of mobile) is Yahoo! with more than 4,4 million users, followed by Skype (approximately 3 million users) and MSN/Windows Live/Bing with 2,3 million users. As concern with the use of mobile devices, the brand with the largest audience is again Yahoo! (2,9 million users from mobile devices), followed by (1,5 million users) and Skype (882.072 users).


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