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Internet Audience December 2010

  • The Italians that claim to have an Internet access from anywhere are more than 36 million in December 2010 , ie, 66% of the population, an increase of 14,7% compared with December 2009.

Audiweb announced the details of the Internet audience in December 2010.

The Italians  that  claim to have an Internet access from anywhere  are more than 36 million in December 2010 , ie, 66% of the population, an increase of 14,7% compared with December 2009.

The average daily time dedicated to navigation reduces to -6,8% but increase +5,7% the average daily page views per user which indicates a growing competence in the use of digital media. 

In December 2010, 25,1 million people are active users, 12,0 million on an average day. Compared to December 2009, the online audience (active users in the month) grew by 12,5% and the number of active users on an average day increased of 15,3%, particularly among adults 25-34 years (21,1 % of active users on an average day) and between 35-54 years (46,8%). The age range of users between 18-24 years has a weight of 10,7%.

24,9% men and 19,1% of women are connected to the internet on an average day, particularly in the age group between 35-54 years (46,2% men and 47,5% among women) and 25-34 years (19,2% men and 23,5% among women). 

The distribution of the use of the medium presents significant data in the first part of the day, with 5,3 million active users between 9 and 12, confirming the afternoon slot as the prime time of the Web for this month. 

In fact, from the time slot between 12:00 and 15:00 there are 6,1 million active users and the figure keeps growing above 6 million active users in daily average day up to 21 hours.

Active users are on an average day 3,7 million in the north-west (30,7% of the reference population), 1,9 million of the North-East (16,3%), 2,1 million of Central Italy (17,8%) and 3,7 million of the South and Islands (30,9%).