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Internet and SMEs

  • Internet as an accelerator of external relations for SMEs

A study commissioned by Google to Doxa Digital in October 2013 reveals several interesting aspects.

The Italian economy is made up largely of SMEs (99% of Italian companies), the research aims to investigate their stage of digitization and internationalization, and the link between these two elements.

The digitalization of Italian SMEs is still very weak especially when compared with other European countries. Only 34% is online with its own website, social media are poorly manned and the penetration of e-commerce is far lower than the European average.

It follows that only 3 out of 10 SMEs use e-commerce as an additional channel of purchase and sale. But this could be an important opportunity in the current context of economic crisis, in fact, the online sales of small businesses that take advantage of this sales channel turns out to be 19% while for medium-sized enterprises is 17%.

Abroad in fact the level of digitization is much higher and users have become used to buying online. In 2012, the value of e-commerce, worldwide, has grown by more than 20%, for 2013 is expected to further growth of 18,3%.

For an SME invest in digital context is a fundamental point having regard the direct and beneficial relationship between digitization, internationalization and export.

To do this you need specific skills and thorough knowledge of the industry. An SME that wants to exploit the opportunities of internationalization through the digitization must employ professionals who can take care of all the aspects needed to achieve business goals.

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