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  • The conflicting data on advertising revenues are not good for digital sector in Italy

In the digital industry there are several sources that analyze and publish data and statistics on advertising revenue. Nielsen says that in Italy the business in this sector is equal to half a billion euros. In many cases, however, the data from the various companies and agencies that carry out these analyzes appear to be in conflict with each other and consequently cause confusion to those who, within the sector, uses these data to structure their business.

For example, from the data that have emerged at the IAB Forum in December 2013 the estimate regarding online advertising revenue stands at a total value of 1,5 billion euros.

In addition, major players such as Google or Facebook do not declare their data. It is estimated that Google in Italy has an advertising revenue around 1 billion euro. Also not to underestimate the ever expanding mobile market having regard a steady increase of users who are using this tool to access the Internet (22,1 million online users from smartphone and 6,9 million from tablet).

Considering these estimates and the Italian context of pulverizing operators, it will probably reach 2 billion euros.

These values not certain and defined, which differ greatly from one another, are not good for the digital industry. It is therefore necessary to clarify and define a unique system that goes to certify the data for this sector. Probably the only subject that could act as a fulcrum and guarantor for these data is precisely IAB as the entity that brings together the digital companies in Italy.

So this is the present scenario in which to work to figure out which direction to take to activate a winning business model.

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