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Internet Advertising 2016

  • Mobile, native, programmatic and eCommerce are the emerging trends in 2016

The conference "Internet Media: il dato è tratto" held by Internet Media Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic outlines a clearly defined context. Let's review.

2015 leaves us with the advertising market to 15,3 billion euro, in line with the value 2014. Stable in first place the TV that alone is worth more than half of the total advertising market (49%) decrease in the Press (17%) and bringing up the rear to the Radio, to 5%.

However different the trend of Internet Media in 2015 grew 11% to be worth almost 2,3 billion euro. In 2016 it is expected to maintain the same trend: Two-thirds of the Internet advertising market in Italy focus on the Over The Top international (especially Google and Facebook) growing by 16% in 2015 and 12% in 2016.

The reason is obvious: the audience volumes reached, the speed and simplicity of planning as well as access to profile data, have become the plus for companies seeking an increasingly pushing enhancement of the content. This forwards led to concentrating 1/3 of the budget on Mobile, which in 2016 will come to weigh nearly 670 million, accounting for 28% of Internet advertising overall.

A special consideration should be made regarding the Programmatic: after the exploits that led in 2015 to grow by 113% to be worth 234 million euro, in 2016 will stop at around 30%, for an estimated value of around 300 million euro: the concerns of companies with respect to these platforms, due to poor knowledge of the medium, combined with the high costs of the technology fee and operating costs, are still being evaluated in terms of returns on investment.

The Display advertising, mostly banners and videos, remains the dominant component (59% in 2016), reaching a value of 1,4 billion euro (+ 13% compared to 2015). For Search, in 2015 were spent 702 million euro, an increase of 5% and is expected further growth of 3% in 2016 to over 720 million. Video advertising is estimated to grow by 34% in 2016 to nearly 490 million euro.

The data clearly indicate in which direction it is moving the industry in advertising spending, and emerge clearly define the critical issues that lead to an anomalous year 2016 and the Italian market, against the trend compared to Europe, where the Internet is the first player of the media mix (36%) and the Press has a much more important role (25%) than TV (33%).

The key to the success of companies, is to level of digitization in Italy grows very slowly compared with other European colleagues, and this leads first consequence of a low level of knowledge of the potential for vehicular instruments linked to online advertising and especially contextualize, enhancing and profiling the best to maximize your investment and achieve their brand objectives and sales.

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