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  • The annual ranking that measures the economic value of brands is online

There are some news for the 15th edition of the Interbrand Best Global Brands, the ranking whose aim is the one to provide an estimate of the economic value of a brand within the global competitive environment. In 2014 there are a lot of confirmations, new entries and even some important departure from the scene that we can analyze in detail below.

The podium is dominated by two brands from the Silicon Valley that are leaders in the new technologies: Apple occupies the first place with a growth of +21% if compared to 2013 and Google in second place with an increase of +15% over the previous year. For the first time in the history of the ranking two global brands show a value of more than $ 100 billion. In the third place we can find Coca-Cola the most famous trademark in the sector of beverages that, with its 128 years of history, it is still confirmed in a dominant position of the ranking with a growth of +3% if compared to 2013. In 2012 the brand occupied the first position.

The ranking continues with IBM in 4th place (-8%), Microsoft in 5th place (+3%), GE in 6th position (-3%) and Samsung in 7th position with a growth of +15% if compared to 2013.

Automotive achieves high positions in the ranking: the first brand of the sector occupies the position n. 8 and it is Toyota which grows of +20% over the previous year followed by Mercedes in 10th place (+8%) and BMW in 11th place (+7%). Volkswagen in 31st position (+23%), Audi in 45th position (+27%) and Nissan in 56th position (+23%) are reported within the ranking as Top Riser, that’s to say the brands that reach percentages of growth higher than 20% over the previous year.

The brand that shows the most significant growth is Facebook, which is in 29th position and increases its economic value of +86% if compared to the previous year. The strong growth is due to Facebook’s investments in the mobile advertising and the revenue obtained by the advertising on smartphones and tablets has passed half of the total advertising revenue of the entire quarter. A substantial economic increase is the one made by Amazon which grows by +25% if compared to 2013 and reaches the 15th place. This performance is achieved thanks to the introduction of new products such as Amazon Prime and important updates for White Paper and Fire Phone.

As for Italian brands present in the ranking we can find only Gucci in 41st place with a growth of +2% that, however, loses two positions if compared to 2013 and Prada in 70th place which grows by +7% and gains two positions if compared to the previous year. Ferrari is excluded from the ranking: the brand last year occupied the position n. 98 of Interbrand.

An important turning point in the ranking of 2014 is given by the entrance of the first brand of Chinese origin, Huawei that occupies the position n. 94. Other news entries are DHL in 81st position, Land Rover in 91st place, FedEx in 92nd place and Hugo Boss in 97th place.

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