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  • NetComm Forum: the focus point on eCommerce in Italy

We live in a digital technology world that is always present with our lives in most of our activities: from sports or shopping to working time. Issues such as eCommerce, mobile, digital innovation, marketing automation, push notifications, digital payment, omnichannel retail ... present new opportunities to invest: NetComm Forum 2017 in Milan is the national and international digital landmark.

Digital marketing is now a consolidated element in every company's business, and today mobile is one of the most important key to focus on. According to Francois-Xavier Pierrel, Facebook's head marketing science, the growth of mobile on the market is the fastest: in just 10 years it has involved 2 billion users in comparison with the traditional media timing such as radio and tv. Mobile has changed the business starting from a new definition of service, interaction and brand awareness. Used by any generations, mobile continues to be the favourite medium of millennials: it is used for 44% for shopping apps, 61% for retails app download, 69% for mobile shopping and 89% for mobile researches. The strong use of this tool redefines and changes existing parameters within the digital business.

A possible innovation could be on the push notifications: they are short sent messages at the right time and by the right channel. Mobile applications drive the user to a more personalized experience based on their own interests, and using push announcements, they intensify the usage experience. Push notifications are useful because in this way the user reads a message that really want to receive. Moreover notifications are not only linked with apps, but they can also be embedded within your own website or eCommerce tracing your shopping cart or wish list and sending you a push with dedicated and customized bargains or discounts. Pushes are not related to one channel, but can be used in social platform such as Facebook: they can be easily viewed by mobile, because they are more customized for the user and more power than email marketing.

The good news keeps coming: BOT and marketing automation are leaders in innovation. Artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms applied to advertising campaigns and virtual reality are no more simple experiments. In the digital marketing, the user is the heart of decision making considering a plus the own features, preferences and different attitudes.

By behavioral trackers in eCommerce, each product is a source of user-related information: collected data are analysed by self-learning algorithms that can show specific products that can be visited in the site. Customizing the landing page becomes fully autonomous by real-time algorithms calculations that recognize specific products for the user even if he/she has not previously clicked on.

Other case study were based on omnicanalities and the connection between physical and virtual stores: using online experiences of the user in the store, dematerializing the fidelity card, selling exclusive online items, scannering the barcode for purchases whatever the user wants, using the app such as a personal shopper or consuming the experience of the magic fitting room in the physical store (dressing rooms that match other items in the store to suite in the most fashionable way).

In order to optimize such specialized activities it is important to rely on a leading agency in the field and with proven field experience to guide the company to a strategy tailored to your needs.

These and many others topics were referred during the conference, but in the digital world only a rule always lives: you don’t have any limitations on ideas, fancy, creativity and curiosity for innovation because the normality is only the infection of those are devoid of fantasy.

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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting