In the digital world certainties kill

  • Critical analysis on the certainties of the digital world actors

If you have clicked on this post it means that, like most, you are attracted by the sensationalism: the phenomenon of these days!

Nowadays politicians, journalists, economists and gurus live on certainties. Just think of the communication mode and the doomsday predictions of recent times in relation to Brexit for example, the election of Trump or today, depending on the result of the next referendum. Typical forms of expression of social media contaminated the usual communication of all the players in the system.

The digital world conceptually can be used in two ways:

1. To optimize and improve internal business processes

2. As a media

Depending on the mode of use, we believe that we should not have some already prepackaged patterns which are affected by habits (we have always done so), and the result of a mental form of even negative experiences of the past. The watchword should be “we all question ourselves, no certainty”.

As far as point 1) is concerned, we recently conducted a survey in Italy for a German company in the construction industry, which wanted to measure the propensity of different types of clients to use eCommerce. The results were surprising: the end customers mainly asked for online access to technical information on products and to be able to buy directly online through APP Smartphone. They considered a waste of time having to continually contact the dense network of agents in the territory, in order to access to technical information, detailed costs and be able to conclude an order or make a quote. The alternative was to download from time to time lists of more than 10,000 pages in PDF.

With respect to point 2), I believe that companies should take on board first of all experts in the field of digital communication for internal contamination. The methods are too different. Radicalizing the concept, not just plagiarize and copy the activities of competitors aiming to the same results in not enough. Investments, tests and comparisons should be made on a common basis as well. Too often I have heard that internet advertising is not working if compared to investments on TV advertising. But going into detail I found on the former was of millions, while investments on the internet had been of a few thousand Euro. Without detracting from TV, comparisons should be made on a common basis. We must have the courage to take risks.

It is true that in the digital field, with a widespread lack of experience on its potential depending on whether we want to use to improve internal processes or as a medium, it is sought by industry vendors to build certainties. For the more experienced I particularly remember in the past, the effort made by Information Technology companies to present one or another solution such as Killer Application...

The fundamental problem is to identify themselves in their business reality aseptically, without being affected by habits, get rid of certainties, measure progress and learn exactly what end customers wishes are. How many times still I hear someone say that CRM is a software...

If you want an exchange of thoughts with us on this subject (we have no certainties), come and visit us on 29 and 30 November at the IAB Forum in Milan at the E-Business Consulting H3 stand.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting