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  • Audiweb data on editorial content from mobile Facebook app are now available

The recent survey conducted by Nielsen and Audiweb allows to measure the consumption of editorial content from smartphones and tablets, by mobile Facebook users aged 13 and up, and assigns them to the corresponding Publisher.

In October 2016 the total number of page views on Facebook in-app browsing and Instant Articles, is over 251 million. If we consider the publishers with the highest number of page views on a monthly basis, at the top of the rankings are positioned newspapers and online newspapers: in first place we find Fanpage (about 100.5 million), followed by the Republic (25.6 million) and the Daily (16.3 million).

The average page views per user during the reporting period is 3.73, largely superseded by Fanpage with 13,58 pages; while Quotidiani Espresso and Il Fatto Quotidiano with 5 page views per person. As for unique users, those who during the survey period have benefited from at least one page of the publishers participating in the study, once again to have the primacy it Fanpage with 7.4 million unique users, after which you simply place La Repubblica and La Stampa, which, respectively, counted 5.6 million and 4.9 million unique users.

From a demographic point of view, among Facebook app unique users we find a higher percentage among women, who make up on average 55% of the audience of the monitored publishers, against 45% of men. This trend is also reflected in the data concerning the number of pages seen when we consider the gender variable: the average number of page views per user among women is 56.7%, whereas among men 43.3%. While Italian prefer avail the mobile content of women's magazines (Donna Moderna 81.9% and Vanity Fair 77.3%), men prefer sport (Sport Mediaset 76.3%) and motor (Auto Panorama 76.6%).

Instead of considering the age of Facebook active audience in-app that most benefit from editorial content, the research reveals that the highest average number of pages viewed is between those who belong to the 35-44 group (26.4%) and 25 -34 (22.5%). The most popular types of editorial content is  among the latter, always with the focus on the number of page views, is the sport with the online publisher Sport Mediaset (33.5%) and news (Fox Network Group 29.5% ). Otherwise one of the most mature (+64 years) who use the Facebook in-app content by mobile, weather forecasta and news have on average the highest number of page views per user.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting