IAB Rome 2013

  • IAB Events 2013 highlighted the need to focus on the digital economy to grow and create jobs. E-Business Consulting was sponsor of this event.

On the 17th April 2013 there was the IAB Events, held in Rome at the Sala delle Conferenze of Piazza Montecitorio. There were a lot players of the digital market, public authorities and companies in order to comment on the most relevant issues of the Digital Agenda, set up in March 2012 by the Ministries of Monti Government in order to develop concrete initiatives to innovate Italy in six thematic areas: Infrastructure and Security, e-Government, Research and Innovation, Smart Cities, Digital Skills and e-Commerce in order to align Italy with the European Digital Agenda.

The event was opened by the speech of the Minister of Education, University and Research, Francesco Profumo, who is one of the main proponents of the Italian Digital Agenda. After this Fabiano Lazzarini, General Manager of IAB Italy, underlined the importance of the Digital Economy for the creation of jobs in a country that, according to the data taken from ISTAT Report of 2012, counts 2 million and 744 thousand of people unemployed and 2 million and 975 thousand inactive people available to work. In Italy there are 100 thousand workers directly involved in the Internet market but, if the country would take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Digital Economy, there could be created more than 200 thousand jobs and Italy could arrive to the level of the UK, at the first place in European Union with a total remuneration of 10 billion euro, compared to 4 billion euro in Italy in 2012. Regarding the number of people employed in online advertising, Italy occupies the seventh place, after Spain, but if the whole economy would point to the digitalization Italy could reach the levels of France or, better, could point to the first place, occupied by UK. IAB Italy also estimates that online advertising spending for 2013 will increase by 7 – 8%, in contrast to the crisis that affects the investments on the traditional media. With a collaboration between institutions and universities and enterprises and small businesses, Italy can help people and companies to approach to digital.

Marco Vos of The Boston Consulting Group presented data and thoughts about the digital revolution in the whole world: in 2016 a half of the world’s population will be connected to the Internet and the Digital Economy will have a weight of over 4.000 billion dollars. The opportunities offered by digital technologies have already been learned by many countries such as the UK, world leader in online advertising and e-Commerce, Egypt, leader in tourism and Denmark which is leader in e-Government. This should be an example for all the countries because everyone is obliged to follow the road of digital innovation in order to benefit not only from the economic point of view.

These speeches translate in numbers some of the trends and critical aspects of the digital development in Italy and they were the inspiration for the debates that took place below. In addition to the comments of Antonio Preto (Commissioner for the Communications Authority), Roberto Sambuco (Head of Communication Department of the Ministry of Economic Development) and Simona Zanette (President of IAB Italy), there were held a round table between public institutions and main companies in order to discuss about goal reached and challenges still opened. In this final moment of IAB Events, Stefano Masiero, CEO of E-Business Consulting and sponsor of the initiative, was one of the protagonists. He placed strong emphasis on the educational role of the specialized agencies in the development and dissemination of innovative and efficient strategies of digital communication. Agencies, such as the Paduan E-Business Consulting, have the duty to guide the customer to efficient communication strategies which are fit on the marketing goals. Players which directly work in the market are the accelerators who can promote the development of digital technology in Italy.

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