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How we use Social Media?

  • The Web magazine Social Media Examiner published the Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012

The 2012 edition of Social Media Marketing Industry Report, edited by  Michael A. Stelzner, is the fourth annual study focused on the employment of Social Media among business companies on their communication strategies .  The survey involves more than 3800 marketers that has explained how they use Social Media to increase their business, which results they have achieved and how much they believe in these tools for the future.

The main topic of the Report concerns the analysis of the most used Social Media tools and services, revealing that Social Media have an high value for marketers and 83% of them indicate that these Media are important for their business. The Report focuses on the time that marketers invest in these kind of activities: 59% of marketers invest almost 6 hours weekly on Social Media, and 15% of them spend more than 20 hours each week.

In spite of the time spent on Social Media Marketing Campaign, the percentage of marketers that outsources effort has increased in the course of the years. If in 2010 Report only 14% of marketers were outsourcing their Social Media marketing effort, in 2011 the percentage increase to 28% and in the last survey rise to the 30%.  The services that marketers use to outsource are: Design and development (20%), Analytics competencies (11%), content creation (10%), monitoring and research (7%), and other.

Benefits of Social Media marketing  is another important aspect revealed by this survey. On the head, the 85% of the subjects, say that the most evident benefit of Social Media Marketing is the increase of brand exposure.  Other evident benefits are: increase of traffic (69%), provide marketplace insight (65%) and generate leads and develop loyal fans(58%).

The survey has explored not only what marketers do, but also what they want to know. Summarizing the open-ended responses, the main topics are: measure ROI, locate target, engage and cultivate loyal fan, sell and monetize social media activities, time, strategy to support business, tactics, tools, use of different social media  and selection of the right social platform for their business . 

The Social Media analyzed by the 2012 survey are quite different than the previous editions. New Social Media are also the marketing tools that the professionals want to learn more about. At the first place marketers states that want to learn more about Google+ (70%), followed by Blogs (59%), Facebook (58%), Linkedin (53%), Youtube and other Video Tools (52%), Twitter (51%) and other services. 

Professional that use Social Media, also use non-social marketing tools. The most used device is Email Marketing (87%), followed by SEO (65%), Event (64%), Press Release (55%) . The less used are Television (only 10% of cases) and Radio (17%).

For the future, marketers will increase both the use of Social and non-social Media tools. The Social Activities that will increase the most are: YouTube and video sharing (76%), Facebook (72%)Twitter (69%), Blogs (68%), Google+ (67%) and Linkedin (66%). The non-social Activities that marketers will plan the most are: Search Engine  (68%), Email Marketing (61%), Event Marketing (56%) and Online Advertising (43%).

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