Google My Business for local businesses

  • Because the use of Google My Business is important for small local businesses that want to gain visibility and make themselves known

Google My Business

Even before having a website, many small merchants or shops can rely on a completely free tool made available by Google: let's talk about Google My Business. This tool allows you to provide a variety of information relating to your point of sale, when users use the Google search engine and Google Maps, allowing strong visibility locally.

  • The advantages deriving from its use are many and can be summarized as follows:
  • Having an online showcase: being found online by a user is essential nowadays,
  • Being able to appear in Google search results and also on Google Maps: this increases the chance of being found,
  • Stay in touch with customers with the most important updates: opening hours, events, new products,
  • Get reviews from customers,
  • Being able to use an analysis tool that will inform you about the progress of your business,
  • Advertise your business: both organically by publishing posts and with paid campaigns through Google Ads.

Once the account has been created and verified, you can conveniently access the My Business application, both from desktop and mobile, to modify or update certain information.

How to have a good My Business profile?

Never forget the power of reviews, as they are highly regarded by Google. Therefore, we must pay attention to the online reputation and know how to manage both positive and negative reviews. Personally invite customers to leave a review and remember that it would be desirable to have a review score between 4 and 5 to have a quality account. With the presence on Google My Business it is also possible to respond to the research needs of potential customers who are close to your business. It can optimally satisfy:

  • Contact searches

People who already know the business and are looking for a way to reach it with, for example, searches on opening hours, telephone number and can immediately find information on the My Business tab.

  • Urgency or proximity purchase intent

People who have to buy a product/service and have little time available and have to buy it in the immediate vicinity. Who? An off-site person who needs urgent repair or a person who resides in the area but needs a service on a public holiday.

  • Planned purchase intent

People who are looking for a product or service in a certain location.

My Business is a powerful and effective tool that can help micro and small businesses compete better in their territory. Don't have a Google My Business account yet? Call E-Business Consulting for a free quote!

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting