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Google CPC or CPA

  • Some considerations about setting up CPC and CPA AdWords campaigns.

Google AdWords offers to advertisers and partner agencies different ways to plan online adv campaign.

AdWords platform is a tool frequently updated, with many functions upgrades, to benefit advertisers in putting in action online strategies on Search Engines for each company.

A key element is the determination of the objective of a SEM campaign:

  • Website traffic;
  • Online form filling;
  • Online sale.

Starting from sales’ objectives, more than one landing page has to be created specifying a goal page (thank you page), inserting AdWords code to monitor results in real time.

One of the most useful tool of AdWords platform, being continuously updated, is the Offers Options, consisting at the moment of the following alternatives:

1.      Priority to Clicks

  • CPC Manual bid; 
  • CPC Automatic bid, maximizes clicks for the budget set; 
  • CPC Optimized

2.      Priority to Conversions (Conversion Optimizer – uses CPA offers)

  • CPA Max: the amount you're willing to pay for a conversion;
  • CPA Target: the average amount you’d like to pay for a conversion.

To pass  from CPC to CPA bidding option AdWords requests at least 15 conversions in 30 days.

Setting a Google AdWords campaign from a CPC to a CPA bidding, with the determination of bidding in function of the daily budget, is a very delicate process that needs continue analysis and valuations and the choice of CPA max or CPA target to be done.

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