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Google and Privacy

  • Internet, making privacy defense fragile, increase attention on the basic right to privacy

Google and information science enable to elaborate marketing analysis at insignificant costs: find personal data on web and assign them to unaware users, who are overflown by promotional messages “taylored” on their virtual profile, is one of the most annoying telematic marketing practices nowadays.

 Internet, making privacy defense fragile, increased attention on the basic right to privacy:

“today, privacy is a synonymous of basic warranty against every manifestation of power, whether public or private” (S. Rodotà)

“anyone has a right to protect his personal data” (Title 1 T.U.)

The application of the Law on Privacy D.lgs 196/03 in Italy is a result of regulations and the European guideline that created in the EU a common law, subject to the operating application in each country.

If some data are treated out EU (therefore on a different legislation), it has to be specified to users, who could accept or not that “diversity” expressing their agreement.

One of the pivotal element in Italy is the duty to communicate to the Guarantor personal data treated with electronic tools that define users’ profile or personality, or analyze their consumption habits or choices.

Given the evident inconsistency of the legislation in force, related to digital progress and qualifying technologies, we face clear doubts on the application of the legislation in force by Google, and not only in Italy.

Ten authorities for privacy protection in ten countries, included Italy, have already written to the Big G to ask more precautionary measures in users’ personal data treatment.

The possibility to observe profile and personality of a user, analyzing his consumption habits or choices, are buit-in the vast range of products offered by Google, often in a “free” perspective, to unaware users identifying  their IP address, associating Gmail addresses, valuating their researches on Google and Google shopping, etc.


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