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Global eCommerce 2015

  • eCommerce in Italy and worldwide.

Ecommerce Foundation published “Global B2C E-commerce Report 2015”. Commissioned by Ecommerce Europe and developed in cooperation with GFK and Global Collect (Ingenico Group), the report presents the eCommerce data for the year 2014 about World, Europe and Italy (with data provided by Netcomm).

The first three countries for global turnover related to eCommerce are: China ($538 billions), USA ($483 billions) and UK ($169 billions). Together they account for 61% of the total B2C eCommerce sales in the world.

In 2014, 48% of the population has been Internet connected, 20% has shopped online (almost 1,139 million people), and 72% of Internet users connected from mobile devices.

Online commerce accounts for an estimated 5,9% of the whole retail volume and the average spending per e-shopper is $1.707. The overall value of the eCommerce sales is $1.943 billions with a growth of +24%.

The eCommerce growth is clearly related to the Internet penetration. The report shows that the higher the penetration of the internet in a country, the higher the eCommerce turnovers in these country. Among them, China and India show opposite trends: they are the most populated countries (together they cover one third of the population worldwide), but they have very different penetration rates, respectively 49% and 18%.

Italy is at the sixth place in Europe (after UK, Germany, France, Russia and Spain) with an eCommerce turnover of $17,64 billions and a growth of +17,5% compared to 2013. In Italy 62% (32,5 million people) of the Italian population (60,8 million) uses the Internet and 31% (16,4 million people) is an e-shopper. This figure is higher than the global average rate (20%) but lower than European average rate (40%).

The online retail of goods in Italy has a share of 1,9% and online sales are 55% services and 45% goods. The average spend per e-shopper is about $890, very lower than the global average ($1.707) and the European average value ($2.070).

The Italian figures highlight a growing positive trend, but Italy has a gap compared to other European countries or emerging countries. Ecommerce has a little part in the retail system, in fact it has been selling more services than goods (the European trend for eCommerce is 53% goods and 47% services). The number of Internet users is a good starting point for the growing number of e-shoppers.

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