Generation Z: How to reach it

  • Attracting and retaining the new generations: tips to keep in mind to develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

Generation Z: How to reach it

The generational change is making itself felt more and more, bringing with it a breath of fresh air, and new social dynamics that marketers must keep in mind.

If Millennials have been and continue to be one of the most easily accessible audiences through new media, the Z Generation is taking over, proposing new consumption habits and reinventing the relationship with brands once again.

Understanding how young people think, consume, produce content, relate to the digital world and what values ​​they embrace is essential if you want to gain a deeper knowledge of the new targets to be reached through digital marketing strategies.

First of all, it is good to propose a general overview to define the main characteristics of the Z generation. This term defines those born after 1996, accustomed to using digital devices (such as smartphones and tablets) already at an early age, for example from the age of ten.

The "Zetas" immediately have a personal PC or smartphone with Internet connection, they know how to surf the net, they have an intuitive mind that allows them to orient themselves on digital platforms and learn by trial and error. More and more distant from traditional media, even more so than Millennials, the members of Generation Z use online communication tools to carry out most of their activities, both recreational and related to study, information, purchases and production and re-elaboration of original content.

What this generation is looking for is an increasingly true, direct and constant interaction with brands and their ambassadors, and tends to reward those companies that demonstrate a marked sensitivity to environmental and social causes.

In light of these premises, it is worth studying this diverse audience, accustomed to a personalized customer journey right away, bearing in mind the key points to create effective digital campaigns able to reach it:

  • Engagement: the watchword for building a winning strategy is involvement. The "zetas" want to be able to give their feedback and receive an answer, to create an effective dialogue, to know that their proposals are being taken into consideration. To do this, it is necessary to ensure a two-way communication system, connect with their values ​​and encourage exchanges of opinion;
  • Speak their language: immediacy, clarity, emotional impact and synthesis. This is how the messages addressed to generation Z must be set up. If the attention threshold of the Millenials already appeared reduced, barely touching twelve seconds, that of the Zetas is eight seconds. Therefore, you must be able to immediately attract attention, then trying to keep it. To do this, spontaneity and naturalness are recommended, because the Zetas appreciate common touch and are light years away from the artificiality typical of the advertisements of the past;
  • Leverage influencers: not only macro, but micro and nano too! Influencers amplify the word of mouth around a product or brand, but also ensure that relational element that, otherwise, would be difficult to reach and implement;
  • Keep up with social networks: Instagram is the social "zeta" par excellence, Facebook accuses the first blows of "old age", TikTok depopulates and conquers the young and very young. Precisely this last platform, sound on by nature and positive by mission, is exercising more and more fascination on the new generations. Using it to create brand awareness, communicate brand values ​​and create a virtual community is an excellent solution for staying competitive. The Zetas are also serial downloaders of apps, especially eCommerce and video games, so knowing the world of app campaigns is a skill that should not be underestimated.
  • Content is (still) the King: Content continues to be of fundamental importance in a digital marketing strategy: the Zetas want stories, they are hungry for stories that go beyond the product or service offered; the brand today also has the possibility (and the duty) to inspire prosocial behaviours, to instill optimism, clear old taboos and prejudices. Words, images and sounds can excite, increasing the positioning of the brand.
  • The power of video: a format particularly appreciated by the Zetas, as much as by previous generations, is video. In a few seconds, a good mix of images, sounds and words can communicate the entire cultural universe of the brand to the audience, arousing curiosity and directing them to their website. Youtube and TikTok are the video sharing platforms par excellence, but also the “stories” (especially those of Instagram, made interactive by the stickers for questions and surveys) are now popular and increasingly exploited by users.

In conclusion, the new generations do represent an increasingly complex, fragmented and constantly changing audience, but there are numerous resources to be included in your strategy to ensure that your brand is known and appreciated.

The online presence must be taken for granted, given that consumption habits increasingly involve purchasing or booking on apps and eCommerce sites.

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