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  • On September 30, don't miss the second free webinar organized by E-Business Consulting: What is Gamification?

Have you ever wondered what engagement is? How can you engage users during the customer journey using all the touchpoints or how to organize a prize contest?

The new webinar created by E-Business Consulting and dedicated to the world of Gamification will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge on this innovative strategy to engage users.

We will show what positive effects you can achieve for your corporate business by including playful and interactive elements within your marketing plan or business processes.

Daily life is made up of numerous actions, often considered boring, while play is a spontaneous action from which to derive pleasure. Gamification seeks to engage people to experience more fun and participation in daily activities through play.

With gamification we can pursue various objectives such as:

  • Building customer loyalty;
  • Acquire new customers;
  • Improve Team building;
  • Solve common problems between multiple customers;

changing the habits of users.

We are going to explain what are the objectives and operating methods that underlie a strategy of this type and what key points to consider when undertaking this project.

We will also show some concrete examples of Gamification and Social Branding made by large companies and then focus on Sweepstakes and analyze in detail new ways of engaging users such as Raffle and Giveaway.

During our webinar we will identify which targets it is possible to intercept with these initiatives and which possible incentives can be offered to potential consumers, and not only, who decide to participate in gaming-based initiatives.

As for the Sweepstakes, we will illustrate the main steps necessary for the realization of a competition and the conditions necessary for compliance with current regulations.

We will see in particular what are the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the start and closure of all prize events, one of the most unnerved aspects related to the organization of a competition but which if not carried out correctly can result in heavy financial penalties.

These are just some of the topics that we are going to analyze September 30th at 11:00.

If you are interested in learning more about the main strategies related to Gamification, join our webinar by clicking HERE!

E-Business Consulting, a marketing agency active since 2003, specializes in lead generation, gamification and customer loyalty activities. We are able to offer the necessary advice to prepare a turnkey project, providing a quote based on the objectives to be achieved.

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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting