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How many times have you ever bought online? How was your last shopping experience? What did you like and what did you not like?

In 2020 the total active online users are 4,5 billion, which means that 60% of the worldwide population is already online.

During 2020, Italy went through a period of great development in the online sales sector with an expected growth of 26% of eCommerce platforms and a penetration of the total retail that has gone from 6% to 8%.

In particular, in 2020 there was strong growth in the following sectors: Food & Grocery +56%, followed by Furniture & Home living (+30%) and Clothing (+21%). These data show how eCommerce has become a fundamental channel for allowing companies to meet the different needs of today's consumers.

These data demonstrate how the eCommerce has started to be a fundamental channel for companies in order to satisfy the different needs of the actual consumers.

During our webinar, we will further explore these data to understand the causes and consequences of the events.

We are also going to analyze how the Covid-19 has impacted the digital world in Italy and how a lot of companies have been forced to re-invent their businesses after the lockdown by opening an online channel to sell their products and/or services to the people who were not able to go out.

We are going to discuss the principal differences between the B2B and B2C models in Italy to underline the corresponding characteristics.

Afterwards, we will explain how to open your own eCommerce channel and/or sell in a marketplace, such as Amazon and eBay by starting from a proper digital strategy.

This phase is fundamental to implement your Business Plan and integrate the company into the online market.

After activating the plan, we will discuss about the importance of advertising to promote the channel and data analysis to understand the performance and critical points.

Finally, we will evaluate the different crucial elements of an eCommerce project in the Italian market such as:

  • Payments
  • Delivery process
  • Returns
  • Customer Care

These are some of the points that we will discuss on Wednesday September 16 at 11 am.

If you are interested in having a deepen explanation of the principal strategies to open an eCommerce channel, join our webinar by clicking here!

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16/04/2021 E-Business Consulting