Fashion and Digital Communication

  • The fashion industry believes in digital and has understood its enormous potential.

The third edition of Fashion & Technology Summit, an event organized by LuisaViaRoma in collaboration with IAB Italy and Netcomm, Che HAS Given took place January 12th in Florence.
Once again the summit turned out to be a great opportunity for researching topics related to current and future trends in Digital Communication in the fashion sector. They were attended by Italian experts and working for International fashion brand, technology companies, marketing agency and Global media.
The overall picture that and without doubt positive and encouraging. In fact, according to Nielsen data in 2016 the investment was of 8.2 billion Euros at a global level (+ 3.2%), registering a growth of 8% more accelerated compared to 5% of television, Che is still positioned to first place. Statista forecast data shows that the largest market segment in eCommerce will be fashion, with a market volume of 369 million Euros in 2017.
Of the 2.3 billion invested in Digital Communication by the fashion industry over a third (34.2%) and the State for the search advertising. Investments follow the video (17.6%), in 24% growth, and social media (13.1%), whose growth of 5% and equally fast.
Therefore, the formula used in fashion online marketing strategy and a mix of digital channels. Facebook finds itself on the podium getting 78.5% Investment Industry on social media fashion and the video format is being more appreciated, so much That some known luxury brands invest exclusively on Youtube and abandon entirely TV as an advertising medium. As regards to digital devices, mobile is the largest traffic generato, therefore is, and earned a 20% Increase in expenditure.
In addition to the video and mobile as main key marketing trends in 2017, the concept attribution linked to the use of Big Data has been one of the most discussed. In fact, the birth of programmatic advertising has inevitably made the Technology and Artificial Intelligence integral part of digital marketing, adding complexity to the phase of analysis and implementation of the data. The ingredients are a collection of valuable data and the choice of the most appropriate attribution model.
To make the challenge more and more complex are well informed consumers , who use more than one tech device changing it repeatidly and a repeatedly during the day. Therefore, it is crucial to implement a cross-device strategy and provide the omnichannel consumer with an integrated and interactive experience. On the one hand, such an approach allows you to target your audience and track reference phases of the customer journey with more precision; on the other hand, it allows a customization of the customer experience with the brand and the product line both off- and online and therefore a greater chance of engagement.

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05/04/2020 E-Business Consulting