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  • Facebook dynamic Remarketing optimize the performance of an eCommerce website and hang up users who have not converted

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If you have an eCommerce site and you want to promote your products through Social Networks, to take advantage from all the possibilities of targeting and the hugeness of the user base, here are the essential steps to follow.

The first element is the set up of the monitoring codes to conduct real-time analyzes on the performances obtained. Planning campaigns on the web, without constantly collecting and analyzing the data and results obtained, does not allow for KPI improvement.

To track the performance of activities on Facebook, it is essential to implement pixels in the website. This allows to:

  • View user behavior
  • Create audiences based on behavior
  • Generate dynamic and personalized ads on the user

Then, as in all Facebook campaigns, we find the choice of the objective, which defines the purpose and the possible formats available on the platform.

The third step to overcome when we create a conversions campaigns, finalized at selling e-commerce products, is to create the catalog.

Facebook has two possibilities: uploading information via XML or connecting the campaign to the eCommerce platform using special tools. In the first case it is essential to update frequently availability, prices, quantities etc. In the second case, instead, informations are refreshed automatically.

The catalog gives the possibility, thanks to the creation of "product sets", to sponsor all or only some of the products present in eCommerce, targeting the sale on specific users, not only on a socio-demographic level but also through advanced segmentations.

The Pixel create high-performing publics that can be set up through dynamic remarketing, which automatically shows the advertising of one or more products depending on particular actions of the  user in website (such as product views, add to shopping cart, checkout procedures started, purchases).

However, it often happens to surf the eCommerce page from the smartphone but purchasing through desktop to feel more confident, and this is why Facebook also includes the cross-device retargeting, which assigns a tag to the Facebook account instead of the device, to show advertising via desktop after a visit to eCommerce from mobile, and vice versa.

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