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  • The value of online advertising in Europe in 2014

The new report AdEx Benchmark of IAB Europe presents the final data on the state of the expenditure of the European market in online advertising industry for the year 2014. What is proposed is an overview on how much has been invested by European countries in the digital world .

Are these data going to reveal a growth?

Of course, what you can highlight is an increase in online advertising spending of nearly 30.7 billion euro. Taking a closer look you can see that from 2013 the year 2014 there was a growth of 11.6% and, compared to previous years, there has been a dramatic increase in terms of investment if you think that in 2006 alone these amounted to 6.6 billion euro.

What actually emerge in this sight?

According to the data presented can establish a ranking that places the following realities at the top of the pyramid to those who invest more in online advertising: the primacy belongs to the UK with a total spending that nearly about 9 million euro followed later by Germany and France that range from 3 to 5.5 million euro. This is followed by Italy, Russia, and the Netherlands with investments of between 1 and 2 million euro and, finally, in the ranking of top spenders are placed Sweden, Spain, Denmark and Norway with a level of expenditure that is below of one million euro.

This result certainly puts out an increase of investments in the year 2014 (compared to 2013) by all these European countries, although the ranking of the top spender at national level remains unchanged in the transition from one year to another . Nevertheless it is useful to underline that, in general, although not part of the ranking also other European markets have increased investment in online advertising: Slovenia has increased the value of spending of + 43.1%, Ireland 33.3 %, Turkey's + 19.5% and + 19.5% of Hungary.

What were the news of 2014?

First of all it is necessary to emphasize that the display has driven these increases in value in terms of investment: in 2012 only the volume growth was accounted for by a 9.1% in 2013 from 14.9% in 2014 and reached 15,2%. Trigger factors that explain the growth of using display advertising as opposed to other types of advertising are mainly due to the activities of Programmatic Advertising and schedules in the Real Time Bidding that exploiting the potential offered by the different technology platforms make the display a winning and effective form of communication with an excellent quality / price ratio to performance.

The Video has achieved remarkable growth rates in these countries: Greece, an increase of 187.5%, Hungary was close to 143.5% and, finally, the Austria with a smaller but still significant 115.3% .

The Mobile confirms its position as the main driver of display advertising and analyzing the data, you can say as it is responsible for the growth in the amount of 50%. Specifically, you can see that the increase in volume of display advertising with mobile registers an increase of + 15.2%, while not understanding the variable represented by the mobile reaches only 7.9%.

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