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What is the situation of Email Marketing today? It is documented by Email Marketing Statistics, the statistical observatory carried out by the email platform MailUp which collects and analyzes each year the data from over 12 billion email messages. The data relate to the year 2012 and they are aggregated by target (B2C, B2B or cross), type of message (newsletters, DEM or transactional) and business sector.

Mainly we can say that even if Email Marketing is a mature market, it has still a large scope for improvement: among the new features we can underline the spread of mobile devices which has significantly influenced email templates that need to be designed with a responsive perspective, in order to be correctly displayable on smartphones and tablets. The research highlights in fact that 30% of emails are read on a mobile device. In addition if we compare the data with the surveys of the previous year, we can see that now there is an increased attention on the construction of the lists by the players of the sector: the percentage of delivery passes from 88% of the previous year to 94% of 2012.

From the survey we can also see open rates and CTR split by message type and target: the average open rate of a B2B DEM is 20%, a percentage which rises with newsletters (27%) and transactional (37%). The average open rates fall if we analyze B2C target: the average OR of a DEM is 9% and of a newsletter is 18%. Transactional are in line with the value found for a B2B target and they reach an open rate of 39%.

Concerning the CTR (calculated on the total sent), the average rate of a DEM on a B2B target is 1,8%, the percentage of CTR on the same target for newsletters is 2,9% while for transactional emails is 3,2%. CTR rates fall if we analyze them on a B2C target: DEM show an average click through rate of 0,8%, newsletters of 3% and transactional emails of 5%. The success of transactional emails is due to the fact that they contain personalized information.

The survey continues with the data about openings and clicks related to the business sector, taking into account 28 business areas. As for the delivery of newsletters on a B2B target, the higher OR has been reported by the sector  Insurance/Finance/Banking (OR 63%), while for a DEM activity the highest percentage of open rate has been reported for Insurance/Finance/Banking and Fashion/Clothing/Footwear (OR 34%). Regarding the average CTR of a newsletter for a B2B target, the business sector Automotive is the one which shows the highest percentage (16%) while for B2B DEM we can find the sector related to Fashion/Clothes/Shoes (22%).

If we analyze a B2C target we can see that newsletters which are opened more frequently are those coming from the Food&Beverage Industry (42%) while DEM which shows the highest open rate are those sent from Associations/ Political Organizations, which is the business sector that presents the higher CTR for newsletters (10%) and DEM (17%).

Even E-Business Consulting analyzed the delivery data on its own database (which is available for its clients for Email Marketing campaigns) but we have to specify that open rates and CTR detectable for newsletters and DEM campaigns on a proprietary database (MailUp survey) are higher if compared to the data verifiable from the analysis of a third-party database.

The results, observed within the same time period of the analysis carried out by MailUp, are the following: E-Business Consulting in 2012 sent more than 22 million email messages, with a percentage of 97,82% of delivery and it is higher than the average value verified by MailUp (94%). The average open rate is 12% (on the total emails delivered) and the CTR is 0,81%, completely consistent with the data of the survey.

The guidelines that should be followed to avoid that our communications, both informative both commercial, would be binned by the user without be open are the care of the relationship with the client, the presence of strong call-to-action buttons and the attention on email lists with the acceptation of unsubscribe requests.

E-Business Consulting is leader in the management of Email Marketing campaigns thanks to the large volumes of its own database and the expertise gained over the years. The agency is also able to realize responsive designs in order to allow the view of the emails on smartphones and tablets.

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05/03/2021 E-Business Consulting