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Email Mkt and Mobile Adv

  • Email Marketing and Smartphone: a dangerous intersection for the success of an advertising campaign on the Internet for screen size, the number of visible characters, the operating system and browser utilized.

According to latest figures provided by IDC (International Data Corporation) is expected in 2012 smartphone sales will reach 686 million and is expected amounting to 982 million in 2015.

In Italy according to data reported by Nielsen in terms of absolute value, the total smartphone currently on the market has exceeded 25 million of which over 70% is enabled to browse the Internet.

Among the various activities carried out by smartphone owners, 61,9% states to make at least one of the activities related to navigation on the internet.

Between the activities most frequently mentioned: 53,2% surf the Internet, 29,9% send / receive e-mail, 28,3% refer to search engines, 26,7% have access to social networks, 20, 2% download and use applications. Shares between 10% and 20% for other activities like check itineraries, maps, weather, consult news, watching videos online.

The 49.7% said they do more traditional activities, in particular send / receive mms (38%). A marginal says to not carry out any activities (23,5%).

But how smartphones are used in relation to emails?

Analyze some data:

  • Over 95% of emails are only opened on one device. Very few people open emails on mobile first and save for desktop later (Knotice mobile email opens report, April 2012)
  • 90% of smartphone owners access the same email account on the phone and computer (Exact target 2011 channel preference survey)
  • 70% of users delete emails that do not immediately render well on the mobile support (BlueHornet "Consumer views of email marketing", January 2012) and are also users who typically are doing other activities while reading emails.

From these elements there is a need to find a way to adapt and still make effective email marketing campaigns, taking into consideration these aspects of visibility on smartphones and also the impossibility of being able to use common standards like the opening rate for evaluating Email marketing campaigns.

From a technical point of view the focus will be on display size, the number of visible characters, operating system and browser used.

Operationally, this translates into an adaptation of the traditional structure of the email to the new requirements, for example the subject of the email should be short, the content synthetic and concise (with a text version and html), graphics and images must be for the structure and size commensurate with the size of the screen.

In the planning of a campaign becomes crucial the attention to the display of email on smartphones. The consequence of a failure would result in a significant reduction of the CTR.

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