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  • In a market struggling with the economic crisis, Direct Marketing recorded an increase in investment of 10.3%.

In a market struggling with the economic crisis, Internet and its potential emerge with positive data from the end of 2010. Among the various strategies, one stands out above all: Direct Marketing recorded an increase in investment of 10.3%, above the same overall growth in advertising spending (+3.8%) (Nielsen data).

If we focus our attention to the Email Marketing it shows a sputtering supply due to the emergence of new players in addition to those already present. The widening of the offers, however, forced to pay attention to the quality of service offered for companies that approach to this strategy.

Some features push to this channel: the large users potentially reachable, the user's practice to check their mail almost daily, the immediacy of broadcast communications. The ability to track online who, how often and by what results had seen email, complete plus that features Email Marketing.

The growth rates of investment are supported by the increased number of companies that deciding to base their communication strategies on this service. This  interest comes from companies belonging to various markets: financial and insurance, tourism, automotive, fashion to name a few.

Our case history speak for themselves: in 2010 were sent Email Marketing campaigns on the database of E-Business Consulting for a total of about 30 million contacts with high open rates and click rates: 21% of users contacted open communication and 10% clicked to gather more details, for information or to have a  direct contact with the companies

These data give an idea of the potential of the tool, whose effectiveness is determined not only by the graphics component but also by the quality of service provided. The quality of database, the proper management of the campaign, the profiling study of target, the monitoring online are all factors that influence the success of the campaign.

For this reason, companies have to trust on specialized agencies that know how leveraging the key factors to achieve objectives.