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Email Marketing in Italy

  • From a recent survey conducted by Nielsen come out interesting facts regarding the attitude of Italians towards the use of email marketing.

From a recent survey conducted by Nielsen come out interesting facts regarding the attitude of Italians towards the use of email marketing. The research, Email Marketing Trends Report 2011.The User Experience, outlines the tastes and perceptions of users in front of their mailbox. 

What immediately strucks is that Italians increasingly rely on email as a way of daily communication: 74% of respondents to the survey considers email as a crucial tool and a totally safe resource. The study shows an increasing "heavyuser"  profile where on average each user has 2,6 email accounts and actively uses 2, with a daily frequency of control (65% check it several times a day).

The private mailbox is not checked in a particular time of the day and, in most of cases (67%), shall also be consulted during working hours. Another interesting fact is that users dedicate special attention to reading mail: 59% of users devotes between half an hour and an hour per day at the screening of mail and 63% of surfers use the same address to receive all types of communications, not differentiating their personal mailbox. Each user declares to receive on average of 31 emails a day, 26% are personal mail, 24% of them come from companies that promote special offers, discounts and advertisements, followed by 20% of newsletters and 11% are email from sites that promote the purchase of products online.

61% of the users declare to delete e-mails that are perceived as spam without even reading them, and this attitude is very closely linked to the frequency of control of the mailbox and the perception of the amount of email/newsletter received. This indicates a more careful and less disillusioned profile users also confirmed by the fact that 65% of respondents consider increasing the amount of spam/junk mail received. 

The sender of the email covers a primary role in the choice of reading it: the sender in fact is more important than the title/subject of the message. 61% of users decide whether or not to read the email based on this factor, indicating the increasingly importance of awareness and appropriate content of the message. 

Concerning the newsletter, the interviewed target declares that receive 5 main topics but only half of these (51%) is judged very interesting: here is therefore the importance to personalize and customize the messages to capture the real needs of the consumer. Travel and holidays (63% grade) and professional development (65%) are among the favorite topics of research, but there is also a great interest in the world of cooking and recipes. 

Another key factor that emerges from the research, is the preference of the Italian for e-mail over other communications tools (traditional and otherwise). Form the analysis of the data in fact appears that Italians prefer email as a tool for information and contact with companies, overcoming in ranking of satisfaction the traditional postal mail, phone and social networks. And is especially in banking and finance sector where prevails the use of email and text messages than the paper, underlining once again the trust and full transparency of the users to email. The only area where it is still adopted the traditional mail is the supermarket industry where it is still using the massive door to door leafleting. 

Finally, some interesting results emerge regarding the use of next generation mobile phones for the reading of mail. Despite the fact the PC will remain a universal medium for the control of the mailbox (97% of people use a desktop or laptop to check them), 29% of users also claim to use mobile devices like smartphones and IPAD for reading e-mail and 82% of these states to download pictures and photos on the phone. 

In light of this analysis, therefore, is essential and fundamental to adopt a strategic approach to the use Email Marketing as a way of contact and search for new customers. The use of Best Practice so effective and successful may be the key factors of success for the web marketing strategies: in general email not heavy in terms of KB, the simplicity of download the data, attractive graphics, the use of short and snappy texts, and the relevance of the content expressed, are all necessary and crucial qualities that transform email into real strategic levers for the sending of commercial communications and newsletters. 

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