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Email Marketing Guide

  • E-Business Consulting offers you a free guide about Email Marketing for all people that plan campaigns of Digital Direct Marketing (DEM)

How to create an effective Email Marketing Campaign? What is its target? How can we monitor the results? These and many other questions find an answer in “Email Marketing: a world to discover”, the practice guide realized by E-Business Consulting.

How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign? What consumers direct it? How to monitor the results? These and many other questions seeks to answer "Email Marketing: a world to discover," the practice guide realized in ebook format from E-Business Consulting.

The communication agency, active for over ten years in the digital advertising sector, is leader in the design and planning of Email Marketing campaigns. Associated with IAB Italia and certified Google Partner, E-Business Consulting supports companies  in the managing of existing customers and the search of new ones.

The initiative has been developed in order to provide support and give valuable advices for all people that want to improve the performance of their Email Marketing campaigns: thanks to this guide it is possible to assimilate the basic concepts and to focus on the salient features of one of the oldest techniques used on the Web in order to acquire and manage customers.

We can direct an Email Marketing campaign toward our own database or toward a third-party database and the communication conveyed through Email has to adhere to specific rules from the graphical point of view: the creativity of an email communication has to attract user’s attention and  to convey the contents of the commercial offer in order to induce the user to the call to action. Within a mobile context, where over 30 million users are connected to the Internet via smartphone and tablet, it is also necessary to optimize the creativity in order to make it visible from all the devices.

Once defined the creative materials we need to set the tracking codes in order to test the redemption of the call to action that can be also detected by A/B tests and we have to define also the subject of the communication.

These and many other details are summarized in the guide “Email Marketing: a world to discover”: download it now for free at the following link and improve the performance of your Direct Digital Marketing campaigns.