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Email and Mobile

  • The check of email through mobile in 2013 reached 55%

Examining the data from a recent research conducted by MagNews and Nielsen-Doxa data emerge some interesting items.

The email remains one of the most important and most appreciated tool, to convey information and promotional offers on the Internet. Users consult e-mail mostly through laptop and pc but the most interesting result concerns the increase of the consultation through mobile that in 2011 was 29%, in 2012 40% and in 2013 55%. It is necessary to use a responsive graphic created specifically for these new way of reading the email so that the message can be correctly displayed by all devices.

Also in 2013 the number of people accessing the Internet by mobile phone / smartphone is 19,3 million (40,9%) while by tablet is  4,8 million (10,1%). From December 2012 to June 2013, the internet access from mobile phone / smartphone has increased by +17,5% and +80,4% from the tablet.

The activities that are carried by the owners of mobile with internet access concern for 68,7% of cases with generic browsing on the internet and for 44,6% of the cases with the sending / receiving emails.

These data confirm the growing importance and interest in using internet by mobile of the users that over time are increasingly appreciating the many advantages of this tool such as receiving offers about discounts and promotions through email.

It is therefore the right time to catch this opportunity and communicate in new ways with potential customers. Effective communication leads to an excellent return for the company that decides to invest in Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing advertising campaigns.

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