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Email always on Top

  • Digital Marketing Trends in collaboration with Nielsen and MagNews explores Italians' attitudes and feelings about email marketing

The survey conducted by Nielsen confirms the heavy presence of Internet in Italians’ everyday life: 95% of the sample under investigation is connected to the Internet everyday and the 64% of it is online more than three hours and a half per day. The main activity is checking and sending e-mails (100%), followed by the consultation of informative websites (71%) and the browsing on social networks (66%).

So we have good news for one of the oldest of the Internet services, which was born in 1972. Every user owns and uses, on average, two mailboxes to receive communications and messages. The percentage of users that owns a unique e-mail address is in descent from 2011 (-14%). Italians check emails several times a day (68%) and the average time spent for the screening the mailbox is 35 minutes. Favorite newsletter topics are e-commerce (37%), travels (37%) and news (30%).

The use of mobile devices in checking e-mails has been increased compared to 2011 (+11%). 40% of the Italians uses his own smartphone or tablet to read e-mails. 55% of them states that they check e-mails more frequently since they have a mobile device.

The overwhelming presence of social networks on the web (first of all Facebook, used by the 94% of the interviewed) may affect the relationship between users and e-mail. But how? 62% of the sample says that social networks have not overturned the use of e-mails while the 15% declares to use it less; in countertrend, another 17% claims to use e-mails more, in order to check the notifications from the social networks and because it is more personal and private. Moreover, 39% of the sample argues that the messages written on a social network can’t replace e-mails. 38% of the users have few times subscribed a newsletter thanks to Facebook.

Can we see some new opportunities for all the firms that promote their products using e-mails? The statistics analyzed before suggests “Yes” but we need to pay attention to some details. User is aware of the high amount of e-mails he receives everyday: on 30 e-mails received in average everyday, the sample says that 42% of them concern the promotion of products or online shopping. 70% of the users states that the amount of spam e-mails has increased compared to the previous year (+5%) and 65% of the sample deletes immediately e-mails considered as spam. 48% of the sample attaches great importance to the sender of the message and for 46% the object of the e-mail is as important as the sender.

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