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eCommerce’s figures worldwide

  • The report explore the eCommerce landscape and the future trends.

Ecommerce Europe and his research partner analyse the growth of the online market through different aspects. From the creation of  many new jobs, to the relation with the mobile device improving. As a result the eCommerce is a very important part of the whole European economy with a deep connection with consumers’ way of life. At a glance, during 2013, over 2.000.000 people works directly or indirectly via eCommerce and the online business companies are more than 645.000.

The use of different devices, smartphones or tablet, anytime and everywhere, creates a new kind of shopping experience where the customer journey get through to a multidevice research of product, information and purchases. By the end of 2013, 36% of in-store purchases were influenced by digital devices, where in 2014 this number increased around 50%. The challenge for retailers is to catch customers offering multidevice services (for example mobile payments tools), but also to keep alive the brand loyalty in order to win on a more and more competitive market.

Analyzing data about the turnover, the top eCommerce country is USA with € 315,4 billion and the second is China with € 247,3 billion then UK is placed with € 107,1 billion. These three countries account for 57% of total B2C eCommerce sales in the world.

At a Global level 1.181 million people are e-shopper and the total B2C sales 2013 of goods and services reaches € 1.173,5 billion: Asia-Pacific is the first one area with € 406,1 billion and at the second place, Europe overtakes North America with € 363,1 billion against  € 333,5 billion.

Ecommerce Europe estimates that in Europe during the last year, 264 million people are e-shoppers, the 46% of European Internet users (565 million people) and the 32% of people living in Europe (816 million). The value of the European B2C eCommerce market is of € 363,1 billion. The top three European countries together have a share of 60,9% and the first one is UK, covering the 29,4% of total income, the second is Germany (17,4%) and the third is France (14%). Italy is sixth with a share of 3,1%.

But, what people buys online? On the total European turnover (€ 363,1 billion), 54% is to purchase goods (above all Information Technology goods) and 46% is to provide services, with an average spending per e-shopper of € 1.376,00. Focusing on Southern Europe (including Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy) the e-shoppers are 48 million (4% compared with Europe) and an average spending of € 842,00 (less than the average European spending). In this area the total income of the eCommerce is of € 40,8 billion, 11% of European turnover, shared on purchase of Goods (42,5%) and services (57,5%).

Above all for Italy, services sold online is a business more important that the goods’ one, and in 2012 it covered the 66% of all the online purchases. Italy is also one of the European counties where Mobile commerce is booming: on the 2013 the number of mobile owners increase of 23% and the mCommerce turnover grows of 37% to € 694,4 million. This last data highlights the importance of being competitive for the Italian retailers that with the right approach to online marketing strategies, could reach an audience larger and larger.


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