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Ecommerce Media Mix

  • According to the research “eCommerce Trends Report” in 2012 in Italy the eCommerce section registered a growth by +12%

According to the research “ECommerce Trends Report” by Casaleggio and Associati, in 2012 the ecommerce section registered a  growth by +12%. This is a remarkable result taking in account the  great economic crisis that the Country is going through.

Data give hope for the future, the forecast shows an additional Global growth at the end of 2013 (hypothetically the section will rise up to 1,298 billions). On a deeper level, it is clear that Italy is suffering a retardation in comparison to other reality more ecommerce oriented. This gap, however, is going to be bridged with an increased user confidence to the online methods of payment. But we can't expect this business to be self-nurtured.

If the digital professionals want to sustain this trend, they have to be disposed to invest in advertising. Communication campaigns are necessary. The Italian country, even from this point of view, is suffering his developmental delay. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, in other Countries the trend is to match digital and no digital communication media. From this point of view, in Italy there are no remarkable marks. 

At first, could be obvious for a digital native reality to not excessively invest  in offline. However, reading the research the real landscape is quite different. The companies that took part to the study, revealed a new trend in terms of media mix. In fact they are using, more and more, traditional media to augment the users awareness.

Checking out the data, this is clear: TV increased by +39%, radio +57,4% and, contrary, the internet decreased by -42,8%.

The reason for this are the positive feedback in terms of  visits on the website. According to the research there is a correlation (not always positive) between the advertising pressure and the unique audience on the websites. The case histories that showed a negative correlation should be analyzed in depth to understand which are the real elements that lead to a negative, performance.

It is not easy to predict the real evolution of this trend but, even if is sure that offline activities increase the users’ awareness, we can’t underestimate the importance of virtual reality for digital native companies.

A good communication strategy has to actualize a well-balanced media mix that lead companies to achieve their goals. E-Business Consulting, thanks to its experience, can support companies in drafting a communication plan that include an effective media mix.