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  • Italy is in the first position in online shopping from foreign countries: the numbers for category and product, according to the Nielsen data

The data collected by the Global Survey “Connected Commerce” of Nielsen underline how Italy is, globally, the country with the highest rate of online shoppers who choose to buy products from foreign countries (79%).

The survey made by Nielsen shows how Italy is positioned far above the European average (attested to 65%) and ahead of countries such as Germany (73%), Spain (63%), France (59%), and UK (52%). This figure is, in some ways, surprising considering the historical distrust of the Italians towards online purchases and the fact that, between web users, only 88% of them use it to buy online, against 96% of French and 99% of Britain.

For what concerns the payment method, the vast majority of people use PayPal (55%, a figure that exceeds the global average of 43% and is in line with the European one, 56%).

The types of products bought online by the Italians are the most varied: at the top there are trips (49% of users, identical to the global average), followed closely by books and music (48%, the figure recorded is almost over the same level as the world average, which stands at 50%) and the category fashion/clothing (43%). In the last positions of this particular ranking we find goods such as take-away food (6% of users buy it online),childhood products (6%) and fresh food (2%).

There are also multiple activities related to the purchasing process that Italians carry out online: the 47% search information or reviews about a product they want to buy, the 41% compare prices or rates between different products, while 33% actively seek promotions or discounts to exploit.

Very interesting are also the reasons that lead Italians to use online channels in the procurement processes: 42% of them declared to use it to search for the best possible chance, the 50% to make decisions and hear the opinions of those who may have already bought the goods and 41% for the largest assortment available online respect to the physical store.

Even if Italians are the people who make more online purchases from abroad, there are still several barriers to virtual shopping to overcome: in particular, 56% of users says it first want to examine the products personally, 50% of them have the fear that the delivered products not correspond to those ordered, while 45% are concerned that couriers may deliver when they are out of home.

The data collected in the research show how the different methods of purchase (online and offline) now no longer represent two distinct sales channels, but should be regarded as a single and integrated buying process. The consumer is now able to easily move between these two modes, often physically making the purchase of a product discovered online, or looking among the networks some promotions concerning items seen in the store. It is therefore necessary to implement appropriate policies for communication and online promotion, in which the reliance on proven professionals is a guarantee of success and quality.

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