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eCommerce Italy 2016

  • eCommerce Forum: yesterday's first day with the data on eCommerce

The eCommerce Forum is certainly one of the most important events regarding the eCommerce sector. Two days in which the industry and companies can meet and discuss the issues and what's new in this market.

Yesterday, the first day that, as usual, has been characterized by the analysis of numbers and data relating to eCommerce industry growth. The main point, from the analysis of the Observatory eCommerce B2C Netcomm Polytechnic of Milan, concerns the estimated growth of eCommerce that in 2016 will have an increase of 17% compared to 2015 and will reach 19,3 billion euro.

One of the main towing sectors has always been Tourism that will grow by 11%; further sectors that in 2016 will record a significant increase are Computer and Electronics (+ 22%), Clothing (+ 25%) and Publishing (+ 16%). To point out the significant growth percentage level of two symbol of Made in Italy sectors: Food & Grocery that with an increase of 29% will come to exceed 530 million euro and Furnishings and Home & Living that will come close to 570 million euro with a +39%.

Also noteworthy is the figure for the eCommerce penetration that in 2016 will reach 5% of retail sales with an average ticket of 75 euro regarding the purchase of products, a total of 115 orders and 253 million euro for the purchase of services for 45 million orders.

To complete the analysis it is important to point out the data relating to the estimate in 2016 of the devices with which the purchases are made. In this case the Smartphone acquires an increasingly important role, an increase of 51% of online purchases made through this device and a value of over 2.8 billion euro and a weight equal to 15% of the total eCommerce application; if we add the tablet reach 24%.

Last but not least the datum regarding exports, that is the value of sales from Italian sites to foreign customers, which in 2016 will have an increase of 18% and will come to exceed 3.5 billion euro. The tourism, also in this case, represents the most important sector with 42% of this value, followed by clothing with 38%.

As also pointed out by Roberto Liscia Netcomm President, these analyzes show that in Italy the eCommerce is an area with a very significant increase and exist the conditions for which 19.3 billion in 2016 to become in a short time 40. It is necessary that companies are structured adequately and exploit all the opportunities offered by this sector not only to acquire the market shares of Italian buyers but also not to lose revenues coming from foreign buyers certainly more used to buying online.

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