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eCommerce Italy 2014

  • eCommerce in Italy 2014: yesterday there was the annual meeting about the data of electronic commerce

For all the digital players in Italy the eCommerce Forum organized by Netcomm is certainly one of the most awaited event of the year. Not just because an event like this represents an opportunity of business and contact for a lot of companies (such as agencies, enterprises and start-ups) but also because during the workshops and the roundtables there are presented all the data related to the future trends of online purchasing.

Several speakers took turns during the day of the 20th of May at the headquarters of the Congress Centre MiCo of Milan: from Nestlè to Facebook, Accenture and Poste Italiane, each of them presented successful case histories and interpreted eCommerce from their own points of view.

2014 was a successful year for eCommerce in Europe: its value stands at around 350 billion euro, surpassing the value of 320 billion in the USA. The European States that weigh more on this amount are UK, France and Germany that represent 80% of eCommerce in Europe. Italy doesn’t shine like the other European countries but in Italy web shoppers are 16 million and they represent 53,10% of total Internet users.

During 2013 there was an increase in the value of eCommerce in Italy of +18% if compared to 2012 with an amount of 11,307 billion euro while in 2014 there was a growth in the value of +17% if compared to 2013 for an amount of 13,203 billion. The growth was measured taking into account the online orders while the value of the average bill has remained constant over the years.

What is the behavior of Italian users when they purchase online? 96,6% of web shoppers completes their purchases from PC while 13% buy via app from the tablet; mobile purchases passed from 2% in 2012 to 15% in 2014, earning about 13 percentage points in just two years. Although these data, there are a lot of Italian people that prefer the traditional shop even if 30% of them search for information and compare products online before the purchasing of the product that occurs offline. The online reputation of the brands and their positioning within search engines are important factors and they have to be considered for sales online and offline: in fact, the top 80 brands in Italy collect about 85% of online citations.

What are the growth prospects of eCommerce in Italy in 2014? Computer and electronics represent the most growing sector (+32%), followed by Publishing (+28%), Grocery (+23%), Fashion (+21%) and Tourism (+11%). Other sectors (including Furniture and Food&Wine) record an overall growth of +23%.

In front of these prospects of economic growth, what are the best strategies that merchants have to take in 2014? It will definitely be a duty to exploit the opportunities offered by mobile advertising; everyday, in fact, there are 700.000 new users who surf the Internet from their own mobile device and it is important to reach them by providing them Web environments in accordance with their smartphone: the realization of eCommerce sites in Responsive Web Design will facilitate user’s navigation and selection of the products. In addition the data show the need to adopt a multi-channel approach for the sale of products with the integration of strategies both online and offline.

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