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eCommerce Italy 2013

  • Online the data related to ecommerce transactions in January 2013

The Osservatorio Acquisti CartaSi since 2011 is monitoring the performance of the purchases made by Italian people via credit or debit card and every month it provides an interesting overview about the spending of Italian people on the Internet.

During the first month of 2013 the total amount for ecommerce transactions via credit or debit card is 892 million euros, increased by 22,7% if compared to January 2012 which had already registered a growth of 21%. During the whole 2012 the analysis concerning the spending on ecommerce, apart from the month of January, didn’t show particular increases except in the month of October 2012, in which we can observe a higher percentage.

The analysis shows that Italian people make ecommerce payments via card for sectors such as travel and transports thanks to the convenience and suitability of online bookings for air and rail tickets. This market sector occupies the largest share of the total one observed (32,5%) and it is growing if compared to December 2012 (29,1%). The sector “consumer services”, which includes various services for home and personal care, ranks as the second with 22,9% and the business area of IT goods and professional services grows by 1,5 percentage points and goes from 14,9% in December 2012 to 16,4% in January 2013.  The non-food retail sector, which includes  the jewelers, bookshops, pharmacies, drugstores and sporting goods, shows a decrease passing from 17,6% in December 2012 to 11% during the first month of 2013.

Going in detail in order to analyze each market sector we can note the excellent performance of the food industry which grew by 92,7%, followed by the market of household goods (furniture, household applicances) which increases by +49,9% and non-food retail (+40,9%). Afterwards we can see clothing and footwear (+37,1%) and consumer services (+31,5%).

North East of Italy is undoubtedly the geographical area the shows a higher increase (+27,2%) with the best performance in Italy of Friuli Venezia Giulia (+32,1%). Good percentage even for Central Italy (+23,8%) and North West Italy (+21,4%), while in South Italy there is a lower growth (+17,1%) although Calabria and Basilicata show an increase of +28,8%.

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