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  • B2C eCommerce Observatory spread yesterday its data on the Italian e-commerce market 20111.

In a stagnant economics scenario, the closing of ecommerce market in Italy is foreseen at the end of 2011 growing +20%, exceeding 8,0 billion euros in value.

Considering also Italians living abroad, to that value about online shopping could be added 1,2 billion euros, so it can be said the total amount for Italian ecommerce market is more than 9,2 billion euros.

Selling of services and products increase, respectively by +14% and +29%.

Internet users in Italy are growing, surpassing 25 million of people. Among that, 35% bought online in the last three months. In 2011 Italian Web Shopper are about 9 million, a still reduced value if compared with the European mean.

To be noticed 55% of Italians search information online, 30% buys online and 63% shares their experience on social networks.

Product sectors registering the highest growing are:

  • Apparel +38%
  • Publishing +35%
  • Technology +22%
  • Insurance + 21%
  • Grocery +17%
  • Turism +13%

Italian ecommerce market is still atypical, registering service sales to be growing and surpassing product sales, but with a gap among services and products being reduced in the last year.

The average spending online in 2011 reduces, going down to 211 euros also thanks to digital vouchers.

By the supply side, Ecommerce in Italy is still a focused market where the top 20 players hold 70% of turnover. 51% of the companies operating are traditional business while the remaining 49% consists of DotCom

In 2011 the mobile ecommerce records a strong growth (+210%).