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eCommerce in Italy between regulations and growth

  • Despite an inadequate regulatory framework e-commerce in Italy continues its growth

Today the Italian e-commerce sector is characterized by rapid and continuous growth and innovation. From a normative point of view, however, the changes are not as fast, in fact are required to the members of the trade a lot of paperwork for compliance. It also lacks a supranational coordination that goes to establish common rules within the sector so as to prevent any difference about competition. Finally, there is also a different operation method of the Italian Supervisory Authority than expected abroad (in Italy, the Authority is the judge of itself).

Despite this legal framework is unclear and complex, the eCommerce industry continues to grows very quickly: B2C eCommerce sales in Italy in 2013 reached € 11,3 Billion and in 2014 is expected to reach 13,2 billion with a +17%.

Analyzing the macro-areas it shows that Products (Clothing, Books, Grocery and Computer Science and Electronics) in 2014 will be the one with the highest growth with an estimated +26% compared to 2013. Followed by "Other" (furniture, C2C, Made in Italy Merchandising, couponing sites and reloads) with an estimated +23% compared to 2013. Lastly Services (Insurance and Tourism) with +9%.

In fact tourism and specifically the sale of online travel appears to be a worldwide fast-growing sector with 402 billion dollars spent in 2013 and a +15,2% compared to 2012.

In this context it finally emerges more and more the importance of mobile commerce in fact the weight of smartphones on the total eCommerce market in 2014 is equal to 9% and adding the tablet it will reach 19%.

All these aspects are useful to bring out on the one hand the need for an update of the regulatory framework and on the other hand the potential of this tool for companies who want to expand their business not only in Italy but also abroad.

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