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eCommerce in Italy 2013

  • The research of the Politecnico of Milano resume the situation of eCommerce in Italy in 2013

On Thursday, November 14th the annual presentation of the results of the research 2013 about Mobile and multichannel took place. The research was conducted by the Osservatorio eCommerce B2C of the Politecnico of Milan.

eCommerce sales in 2013 are worth about 11,3 billion euro with an increase year on year of 18% which it is revealed steady over the last four years. 510 million euros of B2C eCommerce sales are made by mobile (+255% year on year) and around 1 billion sales is made by tablet. In Italy, if compared to what happens in other countries, the sale of services reach about 60% of the total value while the product’s market is worth about 40% and last year we can find for this business a more vigorous growth (+25% against +20% of the previous year) thus approaching the results of the industrialized countries.

Considering that the increase of 2013 over 2012 is about 1,7 billion euros, we can underline the fact that 60% of this increase is attributable to these businesses: tourism, apparel, computers/electronics and publishing. Tourism grew by 13%, clothing by 30%, computers/electronics by 20%, insurance by 14% and publishing by 6%.

Regarding to export we can underline that it worth approximately about 2 billion euros and it has grown year on year of about 28%, even more of what is grown eCommerce in Italy (+18%). Tourism and clothing cover about 90% of this increase.

The Italian product grew by 15% and it is worth 12,6 billion euro considering 2 billion of export and 3,5 billion of import which is mainly composed by air ticketing. The average receipt is slightly increased and it reaches 228 euros. The weight of eCommerce in Italy on the total retail is about 3% and we can see significant heterogeneities across the different economic sectors.

As for the comparison with other countries we can compare Italy by taking as metric of comparison the penetration rate and the rate of growth of eCommerce. The comparison was made between Italy and the emerging countries but also between Italy and the mature economies such as European countries. The situation that emerged is the following: Italy in this moment has a low penetration rate if compared to its population and, at the same time, a low growth rate.

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