eCommerce Forum 2015

  • eCommerce Forum: yesterday there was the annual meeting about the data of electronic commerce

The eCommerce Forum organized by Netcomm is certainly one of the most awaited event of the year. This year, in its tenth edition, the event opened with a focus on digital as necessary way to compete in the market. This event represents an opportunity of business and contact for a lot of companies (such as agencies, enterprises and start-ups) but also because during the various workshops and the many roundtables there are presented all the data related to the future trends of online purchasing.

The speakers who took turns during the day of the 21st of April at the headquarters of the Congress Centre MiCo of Milan have been many; Facebook, Nestlè, 7Pixel, Cartasì and Privalia and each of them presented successful case histories and interpreted the phenomenon eCommerce on the topic of digital superconsumer in the globalized market.

In the world emerges the following data: 4,2 billion people use internet and eshoppers are about 1.1 million worldwide. As for the European sphere 565 million people use Internet and eshoppers are about 231 million. As for the Italian sphere the online shoppers are grew from 9 to 16,5 over the last three years. Much importance has been given also to the mobile’s role because a lot of consumers use exclusively smartphone with a data which is nearly 1,8 billion of the number of purchases.

As for the data market share of European eCommerce the online business presences are 715 million and 30 million of which are the online presences in Italy. The Beautiful Country represents 3% of eCommerce European and the same made in Italy is purchased by 4% compared to other European countries. Nevertheless 50% of Italian households have at least one member who knows how to buy in internet with an increasing level of satisfaction on the part of those who buy online. It also appears that 93% of online shoppers evaluate the experience in buying with a vote from 7 to 10.

In 2014 sales in Italy regarding eCommerce reached 13,1 million of euro, and the data for 2015 shows an increase of up to touch the 15 million of euro recording a + 15%.

The total of what has been bought by the Italian population is 16,5 billion of which the value eCommerce is the 4% accounted for 42% of the category products and 58% from the services sector. The sectors that recorded growth are: tourism which reached + 9%, + 23% clothing, computer / electronics + 26%, + 21% Publishing, grocery + 21% and, finally, the sector has reached another +19% and it consedered couponing, furniture and food and wine.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting