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  • Intesys and E-Business Consulting together for Digital Transformation

After the successful collaboration eCommerce Forum in May continues the partnership between E-Business Consulting and Intesys to deal with changes of digitalisation in companies.

The two companies, strong protagonists in the northeast part digital scenery, aim to understand through a focus aimed at different business realities that both their level of upgrade, especially in eCommerce field.

It is essential today to a reality that wants to look out in this area incorporate market trends in a competitive and responsive in order to take maximum advantage of business opportunities that come with it.

With this in eCommerce turns out to be a fundamental tool in order to draw to itself new users and strengthen the relationship with existing ones by providing a high interest service. Also monitoring the various purchasing processes, you can develop digital marketing strategies ad hoc high performance.

Through a consulting company, depending on whether or not there is already an eCommerce you will go on to analyze the various aspects and opportunities. If the company already has an eCommerce we will evaluate the possibilities of improvement and optimization in order to increase online sales. They if the company has not yet an eCommerce instead you are going to analyze the advantages of this instrument and the possibility of implementation and structuring of the project.

The goal then is to support companies who want to improve their business through the benefits of eCommerce tool.

E-Business Consulting, a company operating in Digital Marketing, is able to provide comprehensive advice regarding the functional strategies to promote the development of an eCommerce. The objective is to create a partnership with the different customers that aims to analyze the potential of the market until the effective implementation of an eCommerce project.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting