EBC sponsor IAB Rome

  • E-Business Consulting is sponsor of IAB Events 2013, a meeting which analyzes strengths and weaknesses of the new Digital Agenda

E-Business Consulting enhance its relationship with IAB Italy, the association that promotes the diffusion of digital communication strategies in Italy and all around the world.

IAB has always been a sort of collector among the leading actors of the digital market, such as agencies and media centers that, with different skills and different structures, work in the filed of Online Marketing and Communication. The association communicates with the player in order to detect critical issues and highlight important aspects, comparing them with the main Institutions in order to establish the standards.

E-Business Consulting, as a member of IAB Italy, actively participates in several initiatives that the association organizes during the year such like the periodic update meetings reserved to the members, the Seminars organized to deepen technical knowledges, the Forum in Milan and lounges which are informal meetings with business customers and partners.

IAB Events is a day organized for the discussion on specific topics and the 2013 edition in Rome explores the “Digital Agenda: Comparison with the actors of the Italian Digital Economy”, in order to analyze the phenomenon and understand its effects on the real economy through the reaction of the players and the final customers. The opening of the event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 14.30 and it is followed by the IAB Lounge set for 18.15 at the Cafè Vitti in Piazza Capranica.

The event will be held at the Sala delle Conferenze of Piazza Montecitorio and it will host important personalities of the current Italian scenario such as the Supervisor of Privacy and the Minister of Education, University and Research, Francesco Profumo.

Why E-Business Consulting chose to sponsor IAB Event? It is explained by Stefano Masiero, CEO of E-Business Consulting: “Every event organized by IAB Italy represents for every player of the digital market an opportunity for comparison with its main protagonists. E-Business Consulting, which already works closely with the Roman Digital Market, believes that the IAB Events is the perfect place, both professional and recreational, to increase the visibility in a market increasingly digital”.

Leader in Email Marketing and Lead Generation strategies, E-Business Consulting is the ideal partner for all the companies that invest in the Web and it provides its customers its ten-year expertise in the filed.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting