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E-Commerce on 2010 in Italy

  • Ecommerce market trends in Italy have been released on May 18/2011 by the “Osservatorio eCommerce B2C”.

After the economic crisis of the previous year, 2010 ended with a positive outcome for Ecommerce, Italian markets have returned to grow at double digits (+15% growth with more then 6.65 billion euros). Forecasts for 2011 are positive with an expected increase closer to 20% for a value of nearly 8 billion euros. Increases both in sales of services (+23%) and products (+17%).

There are about 25 million active online users between 18 and 62 years old, 32% of these are web shoppers (approximately 8.8 million Italians). Data for 2011 are positive with an estimated increase of +23% in online consumer compared with +13% of other Nations, reducing the gap of our country compared with the average population of Web shoppers in the international markets (42%).

The first quarter of 2011 marked significant estimates with regard to the markets with the greatest growth:

  • Apparel +41%
  • Books / Music and Audio-visual +30%
  • Computer and Consumer Electronics +20%
  • Insurances +15%
  • Tourism +13%

Understanding that the Italian market continues to show atypical trends of compared to foreign markets, 2/3 of sales comes from the sales of products; abroad that ratio is reversed.

The number of orders is growing for a total of approximately 26 million orders processed during 2010, an increase of 32% for products and 9% for services.

The average checkout of the whole sector in 2010 amounted to flow around 210 Eueo, it goes slightly down compared to 2009 (about -3%) with higher values ​​in the insurance sector and lowest in the world of publishing and audiovisual.

Regarding the value of exports, 2010 recorded a value of about 1.06 million with a 1.3 million projected increase in 2011.
Among the payment systems we have a growing confidence in online transactions, in the first position the credit cards (72%), followed by Paypal (14%), while the old types of transaction are gradually losing their weight ( the bank accounts weighs 7% and the countersign 4%).

The most backwarded market in the development of a policy of selling online compared to other international markets continues to be the Grocery in which there is only one national brand (Esselunga) and some interesting initiative at local level.

Mobile e-commerce value of the transactions for 2010 is only 16 million euros (0.5% of the total) with an estimate growth for 2011 of 2.5% bringing it to a value of 36 million euro, thanks to mobile campaigns (applications and mobile site) of the major national player especially in the tourism and transport (1 every 4 declears to have enabled a mobile campaign).