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E-Commerce in Italy

  • The state of ecommerce in Italy at Netcomm Forum 2013

On May 28, took place Netcomm Forum in Milan, an event in which operators have faced eCommerce issues. Data presented show that in 2012 e-commerce b2c  in Italy grew by 19% and sales from Italian sites came to 9,5 billion euro, and the value of the Italian web shoppers online purchase (almost 12 million users, about 40% of internet users, an increase of about 30% in 2012) came to almost 11 billion euro with a +18%.

2013 is expected to grow by 17% with 11,2 billion euro of revenue. The sectors that will drive the online sales market are clothing (+27%) and computer / electronics (+24%).

Considering the data, what are the trends for the near future?

The first is certainly the mobile commerce that in 2012 grew by 142% compared to 2011, rising from 74 million to 180 million euro, in addition the 30 million smartphone owners opens a vast scenario of potential consumers constantly reachable, in fact every  two merchant one has already started initiative for smartphones such as the pre and post sales support.

Moreover, the multichannel intended as the use of the channels on and off line jointly and integrated to offer the consumer the greatest possible interaction with the company. Finally, the Social Network to support these activities (90% of the merchant uses these instruments) with the aim to engage and retain more consumers than to make a direct sale.

In this scenario, Italy is still lagging behind other nations, but for this reason can be considered the country with greater growth opportunities as consumers are increasingly interested and ready to buy online. Companies therefore must seize this opportunity and adapt to this new way of selling and dialogue with the consumer.

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