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E-Commerce in Italy in 2013

  • In April 2013 was published a research on the situation of e-commerce in Italy with a focus on the consumer goods sector.

In a context where large retailers, particularly in the food sector, hasn’t a widespread coverage in terms of physical presence, e-commerce represents an opportunity although the data are currently below the European average.

The research was commissioned by UPA and Google and aims to investigate how people interact with online purchases and the prospects of growth in online sales in the consumer goods sector.

Research reveals some data regarding online purchases, over 40% of respondents indicates the time savings and the opportunity to purchase at any time and place as advantageous elements, and also the possibility to save money through offers and promotions. But there are also some elements that tend to discourage the user who want to buy online such as lack of direct interaction with the product (more than 70% of respondents).

Almost half of the respondents, however, states that there are certain factors that could encourage online purchases of consumer products such as lower prices than supermarkets or free delivery of products.

Another fact is about the low level of users’ knowledge and skills, but necessary for browse and shop online, due largely to a lack of information on the topic. This underlines the existence of a large number of potential users, it is estimated that in ten years, 50% of people who use the internet will make online purchases of consumer products and 10% will buy the entire shop.

This is the scenario, these are the data from which a company that wants to be successful on the e-commerce market has to know to make sure that more and more people make their purchases online.

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