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E-BC: Why still offline?

  • The first video of E-Business Consulting jokes on offline working methods

“Why still offline?” is the title of the first video realized by E-Business Consulting the agency has always tried to communicate itself and its services through the different tools offered by the Web technologies. After the renewal of the corporate image and of the graphics of the website, the agency has decided to focus on the audio-visual format and it commissioned the realization of a first viral spot which plays on the eternal opposition between offline and online.

The story develops around the misfortune of an insurance agent who is unable to reach his customers and, after a lot of phone calls, he decides to leave the office and offer his services door-to-door. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work either, even if it is more direct. What’s the reason? Thanks to the Web, a user is able to compare and join an insurance policy directly from the comfort of his own sofa. The message sent from E-Business Consulting is clear and it wants to hit all those small and medium enterprises which, for a lack of confidence or for a lack of skills, continue to invest in obsolete advertising strategies which are not trackable like the advertising on the Web.

The digital service which is the main character of the video of E-Business Consulting is Email Marketing, the core business of the company that, thanks to its own database of over 3 million email addresses, is able to meet the client requests in terms of targeting and volumes. In fact, E-Business Consulting boasts a client portfolio from all the business sectors such as finance, fashion, automotive and TELCO.

The realization of this video expresses the desire of E-Business Consulting to open up to this kind of advertising: videos can be also integrated with Email Marketing campaigns and display campaigns in order to create a better engagement between brand and user.

At the following link you can see the video:

Why still offline?

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