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E-BC: great success IAB Forum

  • During the last day of the IAB Forum the agency from Padua presented the results of the survey on Email Marketing

There was a good turnout for the presentation of the results of the survey carried out by E-Business Consulting on the use of Email Marketing. The agency has chosen the biggest annual event on digital communication in Italy in order to deepen the relationship between Italian companies and some key media of the digital mix: email and newsletter.

The workshop 'Email Marketing Check Up' was held at 15:00 at the hall Amber 1 dedicated to Email Marketing where Stefano Masiero, CEO of E-Business Consulting, and Francesca Girotto, manager of digital mix, took turns by providing data and statistics on the use made by Italian companies of Email and Newsletter, giving also useful guidelines for the optimization of these online campaigns. Issues dealt ranged from the use of responsive graphic, where 63% of the sample said to have a website optimized for the navigation by all devices, to the investigation of the reasons underlying the distrust of some companies towards the instrument. The majority of the sample, 38%, knows email marketing but they don’t consider it useful to their own objectives while 12% says they have tested the tool in the past but they don’t have considered it performing: this survey highlights how important is for all the digital players to provide a 360 ° support to customers within an industry with high technological content such as digital is. The majority of the sample (47%), in fact, explains that the reason they could try to use Email Marketing is the guarantee on the results.

It is therefore necessary to improve the relationship between the company and the digital agency in order to provide security to the customers: the guarantee of the results has more appeal than price discounts or reduced investments and it is important to spread among customers a culture on the monitoring and analysis of the performance as well as create a greater awareness on the importance of responsive. 18% of the sample declared not to monitor the results of an Email or Newsletter campaign, and to rely on the data provided by the media center or the agency. 66% of the sample says they use newsletter and related landing pages optimized and responsive and the percentage rises to 84% when it regards Email Marketing campaigns. The figure seems very encouraging but it is necessary to evaluate the actual knowledge of the Responsive by companies: the Responsive has not to be reduced only to the correct display of a site from mobile devices but concerns the rehabilitation of the entire communication in a multidevice environment.

E-Business Consulting, a veteran in IAB Forum, is a specialized agency that provides a comprehensive advice on the use of the main digital tools such as Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, planning in Real Time Bidding and advertising on Google Adwords.