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E-BC Google Partner

  • Some reasons that explains why it is important to have an agency certified as Google Partner

E-Business Consulting adds another important step on its growth process obtaining two certifications provided by Google, Google Shopping and IQ Google Analytics, standing as one of the advertising agencies with the greater number of certifications in Italy.

This goal is important and not obvious: certifications are released by Google and they require a huge preparation by the professionals of the agencies: each certification requires the successful completion of an exam that is repeated annually.

Within E-Business Consulting in fact there are seven certified professionals for the plan of advertising campaigns within Search and Display Google Network and for managing video campaigns on YouTube; two of these resources have recently obtained the certification for planning campaigns within the network Google Shopping and for the analysis and the reporting of data with Google Analytics.

E-Business Consulting confirm itself as a consultant at the forefront of digital advertising on search engines that, according to the latest IAB data in Italy, governs the advertising spending getting an amount of 665 millions of total investments that are 2 billions.

For a company or a brand it is important to be present in the network that includes Google search, Google Display and Youtube and, now more than ever, it is essential to gain visibility within the Internet. You don’t have to, however, address the digital challenges blindly and it is important to rely on an agency which is Google Partner certified in order to obtain an ongoing support in marketing strategies and to anticipate the trends of the market with new and innovative solutions through the continuous training that certified professionals periodically receive from Google.

E-Business Consulting, an advertising and digital communications agency, is able to support all types of customers in managing campaigns on search engines, on Display networks and on Video Advertising platforms.