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  • The agency will be present at the round table Performance Marketing “The best is yet to come”

The best is yet to come is the title of the next IAB Seminar that will be held on July 7th in Milan. The theme is the Performance Marketing and the event is organized to take stock of the situation about the world of the performance marketing that embraces a lot of digital channels such as SEM, display advertising, email marketing, Cashback and Voucher.

Stefano Masiero, C.E.O. of E-Business Consulting, will speak during a discussion about Techniques, tactics and strategies for a high ROI performance. As part of the performance marketing the choice of digital tools that have to be used has a secondary importance if compared to the technological aspect: the success of a performance campaign depends by the tracking techniques used. The enormous volume of data on user’s behavior on the Internet is a factor that represents an opportunity for advertisers in the same measure as a challenge.

Companies need to invest in cutting-edge technological solutions in order to increase the ROI value of a performance campaign. To complete the effectiveness of an online performance activity it is also necessary to rely on external skills, such as communication agencies, for the selection of the most suitable communication channels and the development of more effective strategies to ensure the maximum return.

E-Business Consulting remains a partner who can guide companies to choose the best technical and performance strategies on the basis of the needs and business goals of its partners. Performance Advertising should not be addressed to the blind and the event organized by IAB will try to illustrate the evolution of performance marketing and of the new methods of contact that companies have at their disposal thanks to the technologies offered by digital.

The IAB Seminar Performance Marketing also represents the result of the work table organized by IAB Italia which is functional to the creation of the guide to the Performance Marketing in which also E-Business Consulting took part.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting