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Do it yourself or Media Center?

  • The purchase of advertising space on the press and on Internet in an autonomous way and not through media centers, is a common practice in Italy

A research carried out by TBS shows that in Italy the share of companies advertising spending in media planning, which is run by the media centers (or agencies) amounted to 71%, while for example in France is 94%.

One of the reasons why companies do not work with a media center is that they do not feel it able to purchase advertising (print and web) at a better price than what the company could do. But in fact it is not a reason enough to internally manage these aspects.

Agency and media center are not only advertising space buyer, they are much more. They handle the investment of the customer efficiently and effectively because they have a whole range of tools and the right skills to offer a successful performance.

Also, regarding internet, there are continuous technological innovations and increasingly complex tools, accompanied by statistical analysis and tracking systems, that a company can hardly manage internally as it should have an adequately prepared staff to handle these aspects.

In this sense, Real Time Bidding is an example of an innovative tool, highly technical and structured, that is offering an epochal change in online adv. Handle this tool or analyze multiple data arising from any advertising campaign in order to create an optimal strategy is the result of experience and expertise, gained through case history in different sectors, that only those who are directly involved in this area can possess.

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