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Display Advertising and Viewability

  • A large part of online advertising isn’t shown by potential users: evaluating multiple solutions to the problem of Viewability

"Was my ad seen?"

This is the question that contains in few words all about the concept of Viewability because it is increasingly important for different advertisers know if everything which they buy in online advertising is seen by users who continue to surf on the Internet.

The concept of viewability is discussed in recent years because most of the video advertising is not placed in the correct section where potential consumers should see it. To better analyze these elements is useful to see how often the different ads are at the end of a page or rather in the part of few users usually hardly arrive.

Google has also conducted research on the operation of some platforms, such as DoubleClick and YouTube, to better analyze the situation of display advertising and the concept of Viewability. From YouTube has emerge that are shown 91% of video advertising while 54% of them can be viewed on the web from desktop, mobile and tablet (excluding YouTube).

It was also found that, according to what was stated at the IAB Forum in accordance with the Media Rating Council, an advertisement is visible when, with regard to the display, at least 50% of pixels is displayed by the users for at least 1 second while as concerns the advertising video, the pixels must be displayed for at least 50% for 2 seconds and, finally, for the large display the pixels to be displayed 30% for at least 1 second.

As for the globally data relating to the concept of Viewability  is possible to emphasize that the data may change, moving from one Country to another: the US, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Japan and Australia reached a share of 91% while Mexico, Brazil, France and Italy touching 89% and only Germany reaches 92%. The goal over time is to be achieved 100% of impressions viewed by the user.

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