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Digital overview 2016

  • Today there are 3.4 billion people who have access to internet here is an overview of the global scenario of internet, social media and mobile phone usage

The data collected show us that there has been an increase (predictably) compared to the previous year. To get an overview of the world just think that in 2015 the rate of people who had access to the Internet was up to 3 billion against 3.4 billion today, with a penetration rate - the total world population - 46% while in 2015 it was 42%. In addition, you may notice that the accounts activated on social channels were just over 2 billion in 2015, up from 2.3 billion today. The area where there is a greater number of accesses appears to be the Middle East with 17% of users in more than last year and 66% more users of social mobile assets.

By making a comparison with the year 2015 emerges as the number of total Internet users grew by 10% worldwide, and the number of active users on social channels is increased by 219 million units (+10%): East Asia It appears to be the area with the highest number of active users of social reaching a 40% of the total population.

The most interesting, as the fastest growing, is about people who access social media mobile devices: 283 million people in more corresponding to an increase of 17%. In this context we find more and East Asia with 43% of the population that accesses social mobile.

By focusing on the Italian scene it is clear that the data the fastest growing is what concerns the use of social channels, mobile devices, today there are 24 million accounts to access from smartphones, while last year there were 22 million.

We can see how the total Italian population for the possession of digital devices for 79% of those who access the Internet to do it every day and showing the Facebook social platform most used in Italy.

The data tell us that people tend to prefer the smartphone to visit the web pages (+21%) abandoning more and more computer use: Asia is ranked first geographical area with mobile connections . It is significant to note how it also diminished the enjoyment of global tablet (-21%), highlighting that the user associates with it a different use from what it used to be the computer.

Other interesting factors to highlight emerging from the section devoted to the use of social platforms. Facebook is the social channel most used by over 1.5 billion active users: from this Asia is the area that has seen the most significant increase of 14 % compared to 2015, the number of users of social average

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